Wednesday, February 23, 2011


¨Πραγματικα ωραια φωτογραφία και αφου η γνωστη καλλιτέχνις της Μελβούρνης αισθάνεται τόσο χαρούμενη μ αυτά που γράφει παρακάτω (στο Φαίης Μπούκ ...της,)αξίζει να την βραβεύσουμε... Δε νομίζετε;
Walking down Chapel St and I heard screaming. I turned around and saw a bunch of people running up to this guy taking photos, someone passing told me it was a singer from Canada, I walked a bit closer and to my surprise it was `The One and Only` Michael Buble :-)) I pulled out my camera asked for a photo and he whispered in my ear `wow you are beautiful` aww I blushed ;-)) lol Thats my shy smile- haha!!

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