Thursday, May 5, 2011

Question: your good read (Ερώτηση Ιωάννας¨: ΕΣΕΙΣ ΤΙ ΘΑ ΔΙΑΒΑΖΑΤΕ;).

A Good Read is a radio programme that invites guests to discuss their favourite books. The guest discusses the book and the other two people – host and second guest – have to read it and discuss it as well.
In November last year, I attended a recording of a special edition of the show in the Old Vic on King Street. I couldn’t think of what book to choose if I was to go on the show so today I am forcing myself to pick one.
I’ll go with My Brother Jack by George Johnston. This is an Australian book which I read years ago and loved.
David’s brother was the antithesis of his own “namby-pamby” self during their harassed boyhood. Jack, adventurous, unyielding and leather-tough, had the mettle to carry him through their father’s sadistic beatings and quarrels with their mother and some rough school years. David just survived. (read the rest)
What book would you choose to discuss on the radio show A Good Read?

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